St. George, Utah



    7,300 square feet





    Design Principal

    Shane Sanders



    This branch is designed to allow the efficient flow of large numbers of people.  Care was taken to ensure safe, separate, and convenient access to both the multiple drive-up canopy lanes and to member parking.  This attention to efficient flow of numerous members is found within the building as well.  The floor plan is organized with member stacking including guidance racks with forms to minimize time spent waiting to be served by the seven teller stations.  The open design allows easy access to other branch services as well.


    Much attention was given to maintaining the safety of all individuals at this facility.  The facility has numerous windows in the public spaces to allow visibility both inside and outside to deter criminal activity.  The interior is free of columns to allow a clear view for the manager and the multiple cameras placed throughout the facilities.  The landscaping is designed to minimize areas of potential hiding places.


    The design incorporates sustainable building technologies as well as natural stone from a quarry less than a mile from the site.   The interiors utilize finishes that evoke a warm and inviting work place.





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