Washington Terrace, Utah



    800 square feet - courtyard





    Design Principal

    Shane Sanders



    After journeying from St. Joseph, Minnesota in 1944, the Catholic Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict settled in Ogden, Utah.  Their mission of reaching out to others was soon realized when the Sisters opened St. Benedict’s Hospital in 1946.  Over time, their philosophy became interwoven within the fabric of this hospital as the Sisters helped care for generations of patients and their loved ones.


    Those decades of meeting people’s needs and enriching their lives will forever stand as the Sisters’ legacy to Ogden Regional Medical Center and our community.   Although the six remaining Sisters of St. Benedict were called back to Minnesota in 2013, their powerful spirit and tradition of caring will never fade.


    The Sisters of St. Benedict Memorial Courtyard is a place of reflection and remembrance.  The names of the 120 sisters who served at the hospital from 1944 to 2013 are engraved on three columns of Basalt stone sitting on a stone base surrounded by water.  A larger stone is engraved with the history of the Sisters of St. Benedict.  A basalt fountain provides running water to create a calming and soothing atmosphere for patients and their families.


    The courtyard is designed to be a visual focal point as you enter the hospital evoking images of the Sisters serving as Christ did.  The natural basalt stone forms where chosen to recall the simple, unceremonious way the Sisters of St. Benedict lived their lives.



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